A beautiful lamp with lampshade gives a room that certain something, conveys cosiness and warmth. Luminaires should not only be seen for a specific purpose, e.g. for reading, but also as decoration, for indirect and direct lighting design.
In each area you need well selected luminaires with the appropriate lampshade which should be adapted to the individual areas. There are a variety of materials fabric shades, lacquer shades, paper shades, hand wiped country style lampshades, hand lacquer shades, silk shades or parchment the choice of materials is huge. We use fabrics from JAB Anstoetz, Barth & Könenkamp and many other fabric manufacturers.
Wir produzieren Leuchten und Lampenschirme für Kollektionen wie „Signature Home Collection, Meissen Home Kollektion, LeuchtNatur Furnierleuchten, Kögl Leuchten, Lumisol Kollektion und für div. Hotel und Gastronomie Architekten sowie Einzelhandel und Privat. Wir produzieren unsere Lampenschirme nun seit fast 30 Jahren ausschließlich aus hochwertigen Materialien aus deutscher oder europäischer Herstellung in liebevoller Handarbeit. Alle Produkte sind MADE IN GERMANY.

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custom-made product

Together with our fantastic line of luminaires we offer the possibility to create individually designed floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps. Click on enquiries on the left to contact us.

Home lightning with a twist

Handmade with great care and finesse in detail

These unique veneer wood lights offer the ideal way of designing your home. Let these beautiful veneer lamps work on your mind and body in their natural beauty, intertwined with simple but modern designs.

ATTICUS - stand lamp poplar burl

  • Manufacturer LeuchtNatur
  • Article no.: Poplar burl
  • Made in Germany
  • veneer light
  • tripod light

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